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The New Job: One Month In, Already!

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Starting all over again from scratch is a scary thought, especially when it comes to a new position of employment. There are so many factors to consider that often it can be a daunting prospect that will put a lot of people off moving jobs. After all, we are creatures of habit and sticking with what we know is usually what we do best. Last month, after two years and various job titles, I decided it was time to move on and start afresh.

One month gone already. As Deadpool would say "What in the ass!"

On Wednesday, 16th November I started a new job as a Digital Editor at Franchise Direct, an organisation who provide a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with franchisors seeking investors in their business. To say it is completely different to what I had been doing at An Óige – Irish Youth Hostel Association is an understatement. Going from marketing youth hostels to marketing prospective franchises is a bit like going from playing star striker for Manchester United one week to playing as a goalkeeper for Chelsea the next. So, while it may be the same game, it is a drastically different position with a completely different set of expectations.

The first month at Franchise Direct has gone by quickly and has been a bit of a blur if truth be told. It has been a learning curve with a lot of new information to process and new colleagues to get to know. But so far, it has been nothing but a positive experience. Sure, there have been negative moments when mistakes get made but if there is ever a time to make them then it is the breaking-in period. I like to think I’ve quickly adapted and settled in to the work and corporate environment.

Having worked remotely from home for the past 4 months, I’m surprised at just how easy it has been going back to working in an office. Sure, the early morning starts are a killer and battling the asshole school kids for a seat on the bus is an unenviable task but those are small prices to pay for feeling better about myself in a mental capacity.

Battling the asshole school kids is a bit like taking part in the Royal Rumble match, or so I imagine.

The work itself isn’t the most interesting but certainly isn’t boring and it is also quite plentiful. I find that 5:30pm rolls around very quickly. It’s great to be in another position where I’m encouraged to present ideas and work on my own projects that can help the organisation. I’ve already pitched and created a brand-new social media strategy for the organisation which was approved and has already been implemented across a number of channels.

While all this is going on, I haven’t completely cut ties with An Óige. I’m still taking care of their social media and Google Adwords campaigns on a freelance basis. Nice bit of side money, especially with Christmas and the wedding coming up. But really it is because I enjoy doing it and it allows me to stay in contact with former colleagues, some of which I consider good friends. Who knows, I might still have a role to play in the future of that organisation if things take a positive turn for them. After all, ideas are always flowing through my noggin.

I imagine before I know where I am that I’ll be six months into my new role. Here’s hoping I’m still enjoying it just as much.

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